Datamobility Corporation team
Mike Maske

parentUpp is the brainchild and pet project of DATAMOBILITY Corporation (and the former DATAPACIFIC Corporation)'s CTO/CEO, Mike Maske, a mobile compliment to Quick-Campus and Campus++ school management system.

Traditionally, new technologies in the academe usually target the students. Thus, Mike observed the proliferations of student portal apps and go-to-the-website apps ("lumpia wrapper apps" that are nothing more than collections of bookmarks) being launch by individual schools.

parentUpp specifically targets the guardians and parents. It aims to get them in-touch with their children, regardless of their location, since the Philippine economy right now is predominantly OFW-driven -- all in one app.

By the way, parentUpp is a word play for "level up parenting application". So, let's play it up!!

Back in 1991, a young dreamy-eyed technopreneur put up DATALINE Philippines, a software development company, with a vision to provide reliable IT solutions. Later on incorporated as DATAPACIFIC Corporation and thereafter into DATAMOBILITY Corporation, the solutions we provided then, still being used today, stand the test of time -- a proven legacy of soundness of design, stability, and continuity of support. This is enriched by more than 100+ customers and over 200+ cross-industry "best business practice' implementation experience".

In 2001, we pioneered the "Surfing & Browsing" approach to simplify web-based applications when we implemented the mission-critical DHL Philippines domestic network next-day-door-to-door system. We did it without travelling to any of the 32 provincial branches outside Metro Manila.

And in 2003, we developed Campus++, an end-to-end fully integrated campus management application that took advantage of our rich and diverse experience, which provided us with extensive exposure in the education sector for the last 17 years.

Today, DATAMOBILITY is the leader in cloud-based school management solution in the Philippines with approximately 150,000 students in over 50+ campuses nationwide served (as of August 2019). With the launching of teacherUpp this 2020, it will provide free messaging and campus tasks mobile app integration to parents and students for all schools anywhere in the world, positioning its jump into the global market.